BirkitapbindosT 3rd International Cartoon Exhibition and Contest


BirkitapbindosT 3rd International Cartoon Exhibition and Contest / Turkey

„April 23 Children’s Day” founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey has been a gift to the world’s children by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
Therefore, we have; As “BirkitapbindosT”, we organized an international cartoon exhibition and contest called “How Will We Leave a World for Children?” For April 23 Children’s Day.
Our request; To create awareness about children’s love and to create original works on this subject.
Living conscience of any country in the world, we call upon all cartoonists. Contribute to this beautiful feast with you on the line. Each cartoon will draw you a happy child.
What kind of world will we leave to the children?
1) The Exhibition and Competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists of all countries. Exhibitions and competitions can only be attended via internet (
2) In order to participate in the Exhibition and Competition, the participants will fill in the participation form they will receive from „”
3) Together with the participation form, they will send their works or works in jpeg format up to 200 dpi and not more than 5 MB for each work. (Black-and-white or colored, all kinds of painting technique is free.)
4) Up to 3 works related to the subject will be sent for the Exhibition and Contest. (Works will be sent with a single e-mail.)
5) The caricatures to be included in the competition must have never been awarded before in a competition. Otherwise, the award may be withdrawn.
6) The last participation date of the exhibition and competition is on March 10, 2019
7) Cartoons sent will be kept in BirkitapbindosT archive.
8) 80 artifacts to be determined by the Exhibition Jury Members will be exhibited.
9) The cartoons in the exhibition will be placed in Birkitapbindost Cartoon Catalog. Exhibition Catalog will be prepared as pdf and will be suppressed when necessary sponsor support is provided.
10) Documents which will take place in the Exhibition with participation of all the cartoon will be sent from the Internet.
11) The award-winning caricaturist in the competition „award certificate” with „participation certificates” will be sent from the Internet
– First Prize: „BirkitapbindosT First Certificate” along with „Certificate of Participation”
– Second Prize: „BirkitapnibdosT Buddies Second Document” with „Certificate of Attendance”
– Third Prize: „BirkitapbindosT of Third Place Certificate” with „Certificate of Attendance”
– 10 Honorable Mention
BirkitapbindosT / İlhan Özdemir

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