6th “The Centre of Heaven and Earth” Cultural Heritage International Cartoon Competition


6th “The Centre of Heaven and Earth” Cultural Heritage International Cartoon Competition / China

. Organizational Institutions
Hosted by: Henan Cartoonist Association and Zhengzhou Municipal Institute of Cultural Heritage & Archaeology.
Presented by: Henan XOYTO Cartoon Group Co., Ltd.
Candidates’ works will be evaluated by specialists selected from Henan Cartoonists Association Judges Committee.

. Schedule
Work Contribution: April 1 to August 31, 2020
Preliminary Selection: September 2020
Final Selection: October 2020

. Contents of Competition
Based on the theme of world cultural heritage protection and traditional culture inheritance, the contributions ought to be dedicated to improving public awareness of cultural heritage protection, to achieving vivid and lively effect.

. Awards & Incentives
. Awards Setting.
There are four types of awards in total, namely, Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards and Excellence Awards.
. Incentive Mechanism.
Award-winning works will receive an Award Certificate and reward by Zhengzhou Provincial Institute of Cultural Heritage & Archaeology.
The reward for Gold Award is
20,000 Yuan; There will be five Silver Awards, ten Bronze Awards and thirty Excellence Awards, with 5,000 Yuan, 2,000 Yuan and 300 Yuan respectively as reward.

. Competition Scope
The 6thCultural Heritage International Cartoon Competition will solicit contributions from cartoonists and undergraduates around the world. The work form mainly includes single caricatures and comic strip.

. Need-to-know
. Works are expected to be striking, artistic and humorous, include no contents that are prohibited by the Chinese law, with independent intellectual property rights.
. Please fill in the Application form (available at: www.xiaoyingtao.com.cn or you can download at “Henan Comics” WeChat official account).
. Format: recommended picture size 420×297mm, resolution ratio no less than 300dpi. Please include the title, author’s name, phone number, email address and mailing address.
. The hosting unit is entitled but not limited to the following rights to use the contribution works:
Publish, issue, transmit and display in any forms or media; collect and publish, display awarded works. Competitors are allowed to use contribution works in any other activities.
. The number of contribution works should be no more than three pieces for each author, and the works will not be returned.
. Competition information is available at “Henan Comics” WeChat official account.

. Works Submitting & Contacts
Please send your works to: tdzzmh@163.com
You can also call us at: 0371-65861272-8066

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