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W Deva w Rumunii organizowany jest jubileuszowy 10th HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest. Konkurs otwarty jest dla wszystkich artystów uprawiających rysunek satyryczny i karykaturę.

Prace zgłaszane do konkursu muszą być kwalifikowane do dwóch kategorii:

  1. Rysunki na dowolny temat – moja najlepsza praca z roku 2015
  2. Rysunki na temat (dwa tematy):

Głosujesz ! ale… czy twój głos się liczy ?

– ... 10 !

Termin zgłaszania prac – 7 maj br. Prace należy nadsyłać drogą internetową – laureaci konkursu będą zobowiązani do dostarczenia oryginału pocztą tradycyjną.

Więcej informacji w regulaminie poniżej:



RULES 2016
1. The 10th HumoDEVA ICC is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The participation is free of charge. For all the cartoonists accepted in the contest, the drawings will be displayed FREE OF CHARGE on HumoDEVA’s site.

The artworks must be presented in a FREE THEME – MY BEST OF 2015, (your best cartoons made in 2015) or/and on THE THEMES – I. VOTE! BUT… YOUR VOTE COUNTS?  II. …10!

  1. Deadline: May 7, 2016.
  2. You can submit max 5 works, made in 2015, for FREE THEME and max 5 works for each THEME. The cartoons must not contain text. The name of the cartoons must contain the entrant’s family name, first name, country and title of work (in english). The works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB color mode, in JPG format, with the maximum limit of 3 MB.
  3. Please send at the e-mail address humodeva@gmail.com your cartoons, the author’s photo or caricature and a short biography in English, including date of birth, education, profession, citizenship, awards, publications and exhibitions.
  4. The cartoons submitted to the contest will be exhibited on the HumoDEVA 2016 web site for the attention and objection of all cartoonists to prevent similarity, copying and steeling. Any cartoon which is similar, copied or stolen will not be awarded. The contest results will be announced on the HumoDEVA 2016 web site .
  5. The Jury will award the following prizes for the best works, no mater the categories:
    500$, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
    400$, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
    300$, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
    10 EXCELLENCYSpecial Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
    Jury’s decisions are final. Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded.
    The prizes can be paid in Deva or can be posted to the cost of the receiver. The organizer does not assume any liability regarding taxes or bank charges. The original drawings of the prize winning entries should be sent in maximum two weeks from the results announcement, well wraped and protected against damages.
    The mail address for sending winning originals is:
    CRISAN Publishing House,
    Mihai Viteazu street ,
    bl. 47, ap 1, 330091
    Deva, jud. Hunedoara, ROMANIA.
  6. By participating, entrants grant the organizing body the right to use their entries as advertising for the HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest and for the site BestCARTOONS.net (e.g. as cartoon books, catalogues, advertising in the press, internet and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts by the city council and/or cartoon contest organization, calendars, etc) without any special fees paid to the authors.
  7. For further information, e-mail: humodeva@gmail.com .
  8. By submitting the works to The HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists accept the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above.  GOOD LUCK!Horia CRISAN,
    Liviu STANILA
    Founder of
    Co-founder and art director of The HumoDEVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST – Deva, Romania


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