3nd Yilmaz Guney International Cartoon Contest “Cinema and Immigrants”



1 – The contest is open to artists from all over the world, professional or amateur.
2 – The theme of the contest is; “Cinema and Immigrants”
3 – The work submitted must not have received an award at another contest. The works will be judged for their progressive, realistic and critical aspects which are important qualities of Yilmaz Guney’s cinema and are integral to the nature of the art of cartoon.
4 – Participants may submit any number of cartoons they wish. But a participant cannot receive more than one prize.
5 – The drawing sent should not be any larger than a sheet of A3 paper (29,7 cm x 42 cm). They must be in jpg format, with 300 dpi resolution.
6 – Works must be submitted until the April 15, 2020, via e-mail to the addresskarikatur.ygksfkarikatur@gmail.com
7 – When sending the work, the artists must send a word document containing their names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses along with a short resume and a photo of themselves.
8 – Works which have received awards and/or were seen worthy of display will be brought together and published as an album. Those artists whose drawings are in the album will receive a copy.
9 – The award ceremony will take place on June 14, 2020, the last evening of the festival. The awards of those who cannot attend the ceremony will be sent to their home addresses.
10 – As a result of the evaluation; “Yılmaz Güney Honor Award” will be given to 3 cartoonists, “Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival Special Award” to 1 cartoonist, and “Jury Special Award” to 1 cartoonist. In addition, „Yılmaz Güney Freedom Award” will be given to 2 cartoonists from prisons. The awards include “Specially Designed Figurine, Yılmaz Güney Books Set and Original Yılmaz Güney Movie Posters” published by Yılmaz Güney Foundation.
11 – The jury will be comprised of the following artists: Elena Ospina (Colombia), Erhan Yaºar Babalık (Turkey), İsmail Kızıl Doğan (Belgium), Mihai Ignat (Romania), Altan Ozeskici (Turkey), and Askin Ayrancioglu (Turkey).
12 – The works which have been submitted to the contest will stay in the archives of the organization organizing the festival. The organization will have the right to use these works in its publications, posters, brochures, calendars etc. The artist will receive a copy of the publication whenever his/her work is used.
13 – All artists participating in the contest are assumed to have read and agreed with the terms stated above.
*For information on the “Yılmaz Güney Festival of Culture and Art” visit:www.yilmazguneyksf.org
* We sincerely thank those artists who will enrich the festival with their works and we wish them success…

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