25th International cartoon humour and satire competition “O Bomburovu šabľu 2020”



25th International cartoon humour and satire competition, Bombura sword 2020, Slovakia

The Town of Brezno
in co-operation with HLP grafik, Ltd.
XXVth International cartoon
humour and satire
(Bombura sword)

Competition works can be made in black and white or colour or any technique, paper size A4. One author can submit up to 5 competition works.
The topic for this year is: FORESTS (LESY)
Please label each work on its back side with the following: the name of the competition work, author’s data: name and surname, age, occupation, phone number and e-mail address.
Competition is devided into two categories according to the age. First up to 15 years of age, second over 15 years of age.
The deadline to post all competition works is 30 April 2020 (based on the post stamp date).
The jury nominated by the organizers, will award prizes for the best cartoons in each category as followed:
Up to 15 years of age:
1st place: material prize, 2nd place: material prize, 3rd place: material prize.
Over 15 years of age:
1st place: financial reward 200 € and golden Bombura sabre.
2nd place: financial reward 150 € and silver Bombura sabre.
3rd place: financial reward 100 € and bronze Bombura sabre.
If the winner is not able to attend prize-giving event, all deposit fees will be withdrawn from the winnings.
The jury has the right not to award any of the prizes or to propose only Honorable mention. The best works will be exhibited at a seperate exhibition as a part of the event “Days of Brezno 2020” held in May 2020.
The exhibition opening and award ceremony with authors will be held on May 30, 2020 in the Synagogue, Štúrova 11, Brezno.
The competition works are not being returned and organisers reserve the right to publish and promote them.

Competition works should be sent to:

Veronika Cerovská
Technické služby mesta Brezna
Rázusova 16
97701 Brezno

Please label the envelope as follows: “O Bomburovu šabľu 2020”

Veronika Cerovská
E-mail: veronika.cerovska@tsbrezno.sk
Mr. Peter Zifčák
E-mail: zifo@brnet.sk
HLP grafik s.r.o. Brezno
Mr. Ferdinand Hrablay
E-mail: ferdinandhrablay@gmail.com .

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